Feb. 15, 2021

20 - Kerson Leong

20 - Kerson Leong
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Today's guest on the Violin Podcast is Kerson Leong. He is an internationally acclaimed soloist and has performed with orchestras such as the Orchestre Metropolitan de Montreal, Royal Philharmonic, and the Vienna Chamber Orchestra among others. He is an associated artist of the Queen Elizabeth Music Chapel in Belgium. Kerson Leon's Ysaye album is now available for stream and download. 

Learn more about Kerson at https://www.kersonleong.com 

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Eric Mrugala

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Kerson Leong


Kerson Leong has been described as “not just one of Canada’s greatest violinists but one of the greatest violinists, period” (Toronto Star). Forging a unique path since his First Prize win at the International Yehudi Menuhin Violin Competition in 2010, he continues to win over colleagues and audiences alike with “a mixture of spontaneity and mastery, elegance, fantasy, intensity that makes his sound recognizable from the first notes” (Le Monde)