April 12, 2021

24 - Ruth Brons - Bow Hold Buddy

24 - Ruth Brons - Bow Hold Buddy
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Ruth Brons is the co-founder of Things 4 Strings and is the co-creator of the Bow Hold Buddy. Eric talks to Ruth about entrepreneurship, teaching, and some of her amazing violin stories. 

Bow Hold Buddy - https://bit.ly/2PqfIbg


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Eric Mrugala

Ruth BronsProfile Photo

Ruth Brons

Educator / CEO of Things4Strings

Ruth Brons is the honored recipient of the American String Teachers Association Kudos Award, for her work in string education. Things 4 Strings® bow hold accessories, invented by Ruth and her mother, cellist Martha Brons, achieved manufacture in August of 2009. These popular accessories are now in use by teachers and students in all 50 United States and over 60 countries.