April 26, 2021

25 - Andrew Baker - Leatherwood Bespoke Rosins

25 - Andrew Baker - Leatherwood Bespoke Rosins
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Andrew Baker is a violinist, rosin maker and is the founder of Leatherwood Bespoke Rosins. In this episode we have a conversation with Andrew about the rosin making process and his life as a baroque violinist. Also in this episode, Eric shares his 3 easy practice strategies he teaches and how you can implement them today!

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Eric Mrugala

Andrew BakerProfile Photo

Andrew Baker

Rosin Maker

Andrew has always been excited by the colours, textures and aromas of the violin-making tradition. Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin evolved out of this passion, offering string players a means to directly inform and shape their rosin experience. Andrew believes the relationship between client and maker is just as relevant for rosin as for instruments and bows. With many years experience as a professional performing violinist, pedagogue, researcher and manager, Andrew wishes to continue contributing to the experiences of string players through a product that enhances their playing and indulges their senses.
A graduate of Sydney Conservatorium of Music (performance) and the Australian National University (string pedagogy), Andrew has received numerous awards and prizes during his school years. He has lived and studied solo performance, chamber music and baroque music period practice in Amsterdam studying with some of Europes finest teachers. He has worked as Head of Strings and Director in regional conservatoriums, and as concert master and soloist with a number of orchestras in regional Australia. While contributing to the string-playing world through Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin, Andrew founded and leads Colour City Chamber Orchestra.