May 25, 2020

5 - Christian Hebel

5 - Christian Hebel
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In this Violin Podcast interview, Eric Mrugala talks to violinist Christian Hebel on the Violin Podcast. Christian Hebel is a violinist, and music producer who works in in Los Angeles and New York. We also talk about his journey from college to becoming a professional violinist, how he got his big break working with famous artists, and touring with these artists around the world. Learn more about Christian at Subscribe to the Violin Podcast and like us on Facebook, Instagram,  Twitter, and YouTube.  

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Eric Mrugala

Christian HebelProfile Photo

Christian Hebel

Violinist / Songrwriter / Producer

Whether touring the world with rock and pop music legends, recording some of Hollywood’s biggest film scores, soloing with the worlds’s best orchestras, or lending his unique talent to the hottest Broadway shows, national television programs, and Grammy Award winning albums –Christian Hebel is doing just about as much as one man can with a violin.