Sept. 26, 2022

43 - Julia Reddy - Violin Class Podcast

43 - Julia Reddy - Violin Class Podcast

Julia Reddy is a violinist and host of the Violin Class Podcast based in Montreal, Canada. We share her story and upbringing with the violin, and how she started her own private studio with adult beginners wanting to learn how to play the violin. You can learn more about the Violin Class Podcast by using the link below:



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About Violin Podcast The Violin Podcast is a new podcast that was created in early 2020 to be used as a resource for violinists all around the world to hear professionals in the violin world for practice tips, career advice, and adapting to an ever changing musical landscape. VP host and violinist Eric Mrugala interviews violinists from around the world discussing various topics such as practice tips, career advice, entrepreneurship, and more. The Violin Podcast aims to be more than a podcast. It's a community where we can engage in conversation about the violin, and how to navigate as a musician in the 21st century.  Our mission is to bring violinists together and create a useful resource for violinists and musicians alike to help them make an impact in music.

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Eric Mrugala

Julia ReddyProfile Photo

Julia Reddy

Violinist / Podcast Host

Described as having “timbered and colorful playing” by Midi Libre, Julia Reddy seeks to bring nuanced sounds and a creative approach to classical music. Comfortable both on stage as a performer, as a teacher, and in a studio as arranger and composer, Julia is a versatile musician with many interests.