May 9, 2023

53 - Alyssa Tong from String Insiders

53 - Alyssa Tong from String Insiders
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Alyssa Tong is the founder and creator of String Insiders, an organization passionate about helping students create their dream careers, and expand their artistic vision. Alyssa joins Eric Mrugala on the Violin Podcast for today's episode.

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he Violin Podcast is a new podcast that was created in early 2020 to be used as a resource for violinists all around the world to hear professionals in the violin world for practice tips, career advice, and adapting to an ever changing musical landscape. VP host and violinist Eric Mrugala interviews violinists from around the world discussing various topics such as practice tips, career advice, entrepreneurship, and more. The Violin Podcast aims to be more than a podcast. It's a community where we can engage in conversation about the violin, and how to navigate as a musician in the 21st century.  Our mission is to bring violinists together and create a useful resource for violinists and musicians alike to help them make an impact in music.

Eric Mrugala

Alyssa TongProfile Photo

Alyssa Tong

Executive Director of String Insiders

Alyssa Tong studies violin under Simon James at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. She formerly studied under Nelson Lee of the Jupiter String Quartet at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign School of Music. Alyssa has participated in masterclasses for artists such as Rachel Barton Pine, Ani Kavafian, Laurie Smukler, Zach DePue, Daniel Hope, and Alexi Kenney. An avid chamber musician, she has performed in chamber masterclasses with Yo-Yo Ma, the Cavani, Parker, Catalyst, JACK and Telegraph Quartets, Mathieu Herzog, and pianist Michael Brown. Her other violin mentors include Paul Kantor, Charles Castleman, and Soovin Kim and she has spent recent summers at Bowdoin International Music Festival, ENCORE Chamber Music, LyricaFest and the Castleman Quartet Program. During the pandemic, Alyssa launched the first online summer music festival to great success, providing instruction for over 100 students with faculty from the country’s most prestigious music schools. Faculty members Ani Kavafian, Paul Katz, Paul Kantor, Soovin Kim, Ettore Causa, and more praised her work that filled the gap left by the canceled in-person festivals. The festival, the Online Solo Strings Intensive, continued and is on its fifth iteration. She also started an in-person offshoot, which has hosted the Verona and Rolston Quartets, and manages the Young Artist Institute at Chamber Music Northwest. She is passionate about increasing accessibility to classical music, which includes revitalizing the concert stage, providing quality music education to youth, and opening conversations around careers and holistic musicianship.